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Keith Pitcher


As of January 2016, Keith has  joined Gestalt Technology, following the well earned retirement of Dave Lavelle.

Keith  brings a wealth of experience to Gestalt & can be considered as one of the UK's best known security consultants, designers, project managers and commissioning engineers.

Keith now joins Andy Chandler as a Co-Director & Co-Owner of Gestalt

Having been in the security industry for some thirty-five years, Keith has worked with data communications, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and associated security product applications for many years.

Particularly well known in the Public Space CCTV sector, as well as government, railway and retail sectors, Keith will now continue with the same ethos that our customers have come to expect from Gestalt

When dealing with Keith, you will find qualities such as integrity & confidentiality, and you will find he is self-managed, knows his stuff, rolls-up his sleeves when necessary, always gets things done and quite simply - he knows how to behave.  

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