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We are expert in the design and application of CCTV for non-security use. E.g.: CCTV is used in the Laboratory for Endoscopy, instrumentation, calibration and microscopy. If you have a need for this sort of imaging - we will be happy to help.

cctv monitoring

We supply Sleep Centres, clinics and laboratories with special equipment to monitor patient safety and indeed footage from one of GTG Gestalt Technology's special CCTV schemes for the medical industry was shown extensively on the BBC's recent documentary on Sleep. Please click the BBC logo, or here, for more Information.

Systems Thinking Analysis

We offer Systems Thinking Analysis to help you gain a better understanding of what's going on and to see how different people and organisations inter-relate to each other.

Systems Thinking won't necessarily give you all the answers; but it does help make things a whole lot clearer! 

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