Fly-tipping, theft, damage, and unwanted visitors

Scourge of recession!

One of the unfortunate by-products of recession is a rise in the numbers of now empty buildings, offices and car parks.

These vacant sites can fast become a nightmare for tenants and owners; because the bottom line is the high cost of solving this issue through the legal process.

Cost for repairs, cost for reparations, cost for site clearance after fly-tipping, cost for insurance claims and cost for ever increasing insurance premiums. And having unwanted 'visitors' living on your assets makes selling, under-letting or renting property another kind of nightmare. All told, empty space can fast become a business wrecking drain on cash and manpower.

GTG Gestalt can advise on limiting your risk (we can't stop criminals 100% - it would be stupid to suggest we can) but we can make it less than attractive for thieves, vandals and unwanted visitors to come on to your property.

If you are worried about empty and vacant property, please give us a call, & we'll be pleased to chat about your individual requirements.

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