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Radios & Radio Equipment

An excellent radio system begins with site surveys, walk-testing and prudent design.

We have specialist radio expertise and we know what we are doing.

GTG Gestalt Limited supply anything from a single radio, right up to a multi-radio solution with one or more base stations, charger equipment and signal boosters. We handle your application for airwaves and include full installation, commissioning and training.

We will even keep you legal by helping with your licencing and licencing renewals.

We also offer a refurbishment service; we will take your radios away (if necessary, a few at a time) and we'll give them a good service, replace any broken or missing bits and we'll deliver them back fully working and guaranteed for a further period.

To take advantage of the radio repair service just email us: 


call Andy: 07970 070 146 or Keith: 07990 971 559

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